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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Students to meet their match in Miss Courchesne!!

 Yesterday, the minister of education, Line Beauchamps resigned from office, in the middle of an unprecedented student crisis. She was weak, and didn't have what it takes to nip the student protests. She was never in charge in that conflict; students did what they wanted, causing damages and loss of revenue in the BILLIONS of dollars for law-abiding citizens and enterprises. 


   Newly appointed Michelle Courchesne will make the students wish they had accepted May 5th agreement, because she will NOT be affraid to use the LAW to get the whiny ass protesters to get their ass back in class, with (I hope) NO CONCESSIONS AT ALL!!

This morning, a small group of students who obtained court orders against college Lionel-Groulx were supposed to be able to attend their classes, but a group of protesters including students, PARENTS and TEACHERS tried to block their access to education. They were warned 3 times by police in full riot gear to move or be moved. They didn't move, and since Canada is a land of LAW and ORDER, police proceeded to clear the entrances using a minimum of force. At the same time, another small group tried to block Jacques-Cartier bridge, but were quickly subdued by police.

While all this was taking place, little retard, leftist/anarchist/jailbird JAGGI SINGH was egging the protesters on twitter, calling police ''thugs'' and saying police had no right of being there. EXCUSE ME, Mr retard, but last I checked, the thugs were the protesters using violence and black block tactics in protests. We don't need no anarchists telling us how to deal with rowdy protesters. YOU were jailed many times and banned from engaging in protests because of your acts. You are a little wannabe, a shit head who is totally disconnected from reality.

 Jaggi Singh, I will expose you MYSELF if I ever see your ugly head at one of those protests. You are a troublemaker and  carrier of leftist and anarchist propaganda. Again, LAW AND ORDER WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!!!

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