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Monday, July 23, 2012

Charles Patrick Adkins. The bad, the ugly, the COWARD!

 Ever had the feeling you befriended the wrong person? You know, when you realize you tried to help someone and he just turned around and shit in your Rice Krispies?? It's not only Zilla , or Lonely Conservative that tried to lend a helping hand to that man. A slew of GOOD PEOPLE tried to help him out a bit by linking to him, and staying neutral when that ''blogger'' went all ape-shit crazy on them and others....

I present to you, Charles Patrick Adkins, of Lincoln Park, Michigan!!
Mama and Papa must be so proud.....I THINK NOT!!!


 This sorry excuse for a human being has been spewing his hate-filled diatribes all over the net for the better part of 10 years. From being a Dumbocrat, he went on to Conservatism (or so he says), all the while insulting and kicking people when they were the most vulnerable. From saying that a blogger's dead wife has died because it was so BORING to be with said blogger, to telling that someone with a VERY BAD illness is just faking it to defraud you of your money.

 This basement dweller, living at mom's at 40 years old, goes as far as THREATENING other bloggers lives, (does that remind you of the tactics of another deranged, unstable CRIMINAL going by the name of BRETT KIMBERLIN?)

  Just last night, he threatened on Twitter:
For the record, my address is a matter of public record. If you really want to know where to find it, you can. trust me. But I own guns. 

So, I think you really don't want to be trying anything stupid. Because blood is so hard to get off of a sidewalk. 

 For those who know me, you also know that threats of physical violence  make me laugh. Hell, it makes me go back to my old ways, when I was a biker. I do own guns too. I am NOT SCARED of anyone. I will take on anybody who threatens me or my friends, I'll even take you on if I feel you threaten some stranger. I don't care.

 He pushed as far as threaten to take out a hit on another blogger. For real dog?? That shit is whacked, even for you. That kind of stupidity will land you in jail, if you're lucky, but most likely it will land you dead. 
Gotta love a 40 year old living in mom's basement. NOT

 I think the best way to let you understand just how sick this fucker is is for you to read Zilla Stevenson's blog about him:

 Last fall, I was checking out Google+ when I noticed a post on there that said “I am quitting blogging” or something to that effect. I am generally a friendly, compassionate, person and when I see someone down in the dumps, I usually try to help if I am able to, so I asked this person why he was quitting and was told that it is because he wasn’t getting any hits at his blog. I have enjoyed some modest success as a blogger not only because I relentlessly self-promote my work but also (and largely) because other bloggers have kindly linked to me and otherwise helped me out, so I thought I’d see what I could do to help that person because I hate to see someone stop doing something they love for lack of encouragement. I figured I would visit his blog and link to some of his posts from my own, so that he could benefit from some of the eyeballs that find their way to my place, but when I went there, I saw nothing I’d want to promote from my place, as his blog was filled with a bunch of bitterness and vitriol for other bloggers and he appeared to be the type of person who blames the whole world for whatever his life is lacking. Everything that did not go his way was somebody else’s fault.

I realized that I could not help this person and I moved on to other things. The next day, I saw him post something horrible in the comments section of a post at The Other McCain which prompted me to remove that person from my blogroll and avoid him as much as possible. Stacy was having a rough time, and while most of us offered words of comfort and support, one person decided to use Stacy’s misery as a chance to kick the man while he was down in a fit of epic douchebaggery. Here is the nasty comment, along with the responses from me and other friends of Stacy to such a vicious unprovoked attack (and where my friend Bob Belvedere was kind enough to let me know that this sort of nastiness was nothing new from said person):

You see what I'm talking 'bout? This jerk-off is one hell of a whack job.

Here, Joe from Cold Fury breaks out the news of the tragic death of Christiana, wife of Mike, another friend at Cold Fury:

Mike’s wife Christiana was killed Friday afternoon while riding her Sportster. Mike was on his own bike and wasn’t injured. Stunned and heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover this. Words always feel so useless and empty when someone you love dies, but I hope Xenia and Martin know their remarkable daughter was very much loved by her extended family, too.
We miss you terribly, C. And you know we’ll take good care of your four-legged friends for you. Requiescat In Pace, my beautiful friend.
Update from Mike: I can’t manage to choke out a whole lot of words right now, which probably comes as a shock to those of you who know my usual form. But I want all of you to know how much your expressions of sympathy and condolence mean to me. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be thanking each of you who have been so kind as to e-mail your kind thoughts as soon as possible; as I’m sure you can imagine, things are sort of hectic and crazy right now.
And if I may be so presumptuous, a word of advice, from someone who has now learned the lesson in the toughest school there is: treasure every moment with those you love; don’t waste time bickering over nothing, because there isn’t time for it. Cherish every smallest kiss, because you don’t ever, ever know which one will be the last.
Christiana, baby, you made me a better man than I was, and I’ll always keep doing my best to try to be worthy of you, no matter where you are.

Here's the scumbag's response to another post that was commenting on how fucked up Adkins really is:

 This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

 WHAT??? What the hell is wrong with you little man? How much of a scum bag can you be?? THE MAN'S WIFE JUST DIED!!! Were you always that stupid or have you learned in your days as a DUMBocrat???

 What does that guy think of the 6 kids MURDERED by a deputy sherrif in Wisconsin? (Taken from his no longer existing blog, Thanx HCDL from WAKE UP AMERICA ):

As far as I’m concerned, these kids had it coming. I’m just sorry that the young man that did this, had to die after a shootout with the Police. He should have just surrendered to the Police. With the Liberal society we live in, if he had surrendered, He would have just gotten life in prison. and being a police officer, he would have been well taken care off and kept away from the general prison population.

Of course, the disrespectful punk kids, will be painted as the “poor victims of a senseless crime.” You know the routine, How the liberal media only wants to report the shooting and victims, not why they were shot, or what they did to provoke the shooting. CNN will run a special and paint the victims as martyrs. They won’t tell why this poor young man snapped.

What a waste of air.

 I URGE YOU to read Zilla's post, better written and WAY more documented than mine, HERE .

 Now a personal message for CHARLES PATRICK ADKINS (Attention, foul language):

 You're a bitch. Just remember that Detroit is only a bridge's length away from Canada. You're a fucking shit-stained dildo. Your thoughts are only read by FILTHY MINDS with no purpose in life. I own guns too. I am an ex-biker. Come after me you pussbag. Just remember this, asshole; I will hunt you down on every internet platform you spew your shit on. I will DESTROY you. A crack whore with aids is higher ranked in society than you are. At least she HUSTLES for a living, and NOT begging to get money for nothing. I would take my chances going down on one instead of knocking you out without gloves, you sack of shit.

Come on motherfucker, I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE you. Come after me. Troll my blog, or my friend's.