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Sunday, June 10, 2012

How about our own thing??

  After reading about what happened to my friend and fellow conservative blogger Paul Lemmen, (who runs An Ex Con's view blog on wordpress), I got to think we should set up our own thing. A blogger association that will NOT discriminate against anyone who has a not-so-shiny past.


  A club where all right wing bloggers and activists, small time or big time are accepted for what they stand for, and not for what they did. A place where honesty and transparency reigns. A place where we can set the goals for our actions as a group, but where individuality is also praised.

 A band of brothers and sisters from all walk of life that will take care of each other, and express our views to the dextrosphere. We can take the social media by storm with our blunt honesty, our patriotism and our vigorous defense of the first amendment rights.

 United, we can shake the liberal tree bad, real bad.