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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Child killer free as a bird as of today.

 Guy Turcotte, the former cardiologist who STABBED TO DEATH his 2 children in 2009, is now free to roam wherever he may.

Guy Turcotte, baby killer.

 After being found not criminally responsible for killing his own children, this MONSTER manipulated the system in order to be a free man, only 3 years after.
Olivier and Anne-Sophie, 2 innocent lives taken by a manipulative violent jerk. May I remind you that he STABBED THEM TO DEATH??

THe guy was a doctor. He knew EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY AND DO in order to get an early release from the Pinel institute, a well-known psych ward in Montreal.

This morning, on the news, they were asking if he could lead a normal life in Quebec, after this well^publicized case....


Can his ex wife and mother of the kids Isabelle Gaston live a normal life ANYWHERE???

I can tell you one thing; He will not lead a normal life in my neighborhood. I will NOT allow it. If I EVER cross paths with this waste of human skin, he will know how normal people feel about creeps like him. I GARANTEE IT!

Justice in Canada is a joke. He should have been put to death. Plain and simple.