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Friday, March 9, 2012

Gloves are off, students!!!

Ok, I've had it.

I've had it with post-secondary students in Quebec. I should say I've had it with the WHINERS that are paralyzing the education system over here.

First off: I am PRO free speech. That is why I live. Everyone has a voice to scream their pain, their anger, their cries for justice. I agree with that completely.

Everyone is entitled to protest; EVERYONE!!

Where I DON'T agree is when in a society of law, you break things and clash with police. I don't agree when you hold me hostage in my vehicle for 4 hours because you block one of the main entrance and exit to the island of Montreal. I DON'T agree when you decide that law abiding is for others when you DON'T want to take a city permit to manifest and when you WON'T give your PRECISE ITINERARY to the authorities, as required by law.

For those of you not from around here, let me remind you that students have CLEARLY been infiltrated by agitators; In fact, in a protest last week where ''students'' occupied a cegep , 37 people were arrested. at least 25 of them had NOTHING TO DO WITH or were NOT REGISTERED STUDENTS IN QUEBEC!!! They caused thousands of dollars in damages.

37 arrested, CEGEP du Vieux Montréal in city's downtown core shut

Furniture used as a barricade, fire extinguishers turned into projectiles during violent overnight clash between student occupiers and cops: police

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This week, they clashed 3 times with police in full riot gear, setting up illegal barricades and breaking windows, occupied a Loto-Quebec building, etc etc

Riot police use tear gas to control student protest

Students clash with police during tuition hike protest Wednesday

Posted: Mar 7, 2012 1:57 PM ET

Last Updated: Mar 7, 2012 4:39 PM ET

A section of Montreal's business sector was paralyzed by a student protest Wednesday afternoon. Students blocked the entrance of the Loto-Québec building, where riot police have moved in

I remind you that Canada has by FAR the lowest education fees of north america.
So while this is happening, a lot of students are against the strike. What do these future leaders of our world do??  THEY THREATEN THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!! Wow...

Students supporting tuition hikes threatened and harassed?

Posted By: Shuyee Lee · 2/23/2012 1:14:00 PM
We've been hearing a lot from students opposed to the pending university tuition hikes.
Now we're hearing from students in favour of the increases who claim they're being harassed and threatened for their opinion.
A Facebook message posted yesterday by a member of the UQAM political science and law students association urged other students to flood the voicemail of a young woman belonging to a group supporting the tuition hikes.
"It was a guy, a striker, saying he wanted her head on his desk," says Jean-François Trudelle, a McGill finance student who belongs to the same group, Mouvement étudiant socialement responsable du Québec.
"She felt threatened, she felt very, very threatened," Trudelle tells CJAD News.
"These behaviours are going way, way too far."
Trudelle says the girl had to block her Facebook profile because of all the hate mail. Since then, the UQAM student has apologized to her and they don't intend to pursue it with police.
But while the student said he's sorry for ramping up the rhetoric, which used to just consist of boos and jeers at student assemblies, Trudelle's group says it's still getting increasingly nasty, even hateful and racist.
Striking student groups insist they don't condone violence but criticize Trudelle's group as stirring the pot.
"We believe the overwhelming majority of students are very respectful of free speech and democracy," Trudelle says.
"Voice your opinion against us, we are happy about that. But voice it in a civilized and Canadian and Quebec way."
Photo: Shuyee Lee

My wife takes classes we pay ourselves to get some certification. 1 evening a week If their strike leads to loss of session, we will have to wait a year for her to take them back, because she WORKS for a living and cannot take summer classes to keep in schedule. My wife is NOT the only one in this situation; many thousands are in the same boat, and these people are paying taxes so you DON'T have to work to finance your studies, punks! You scream and yell and break things over a tuition hike, but you can afford spring break in Florida, assholes! We both work, have a combined income of 95K a year and can't even take a trip across Canada!! You were all in the waiting line for Madonna tickets, but can't take a little raise in tuition fees that WE, the workers finance at 90%??? FUCK YOU!!!!

And on top of it we get Claude Legault, a somewhat famous Quebec actor tells them it's ok to overturn cars to make the message be heard.....WTF???  ''Mr'' Legault was not charged for invitation to fucking shit.

Claude Legault, Agitator or invitation to violence???

 If I was to say to people who had it with the strikes to go overturn student cars, you bet your ass I'd be sitting in the can an hour later....