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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The truth about my identity (Or the story of the Impolite Canadian)

Yes, I get a lot of questions about my true identity. My old friends refer to me as Max. Why you might ask?? Because of my infamous net handle from before. I was called many things over the years because I attacked and engaged stupidity and trolls. My avatars used to be synonym of ''your post is really stupid and I'm gonna make you pay''.
My first MYLOT avatar.

 It all started on, a pay-per-post site where I started to hang out. I saw there stupidity at it's worst! So I started outing the liars, the bullshitters, and befriended a lot of people who, like me, were sick of all the story-telling, useless facts (like the mating ritual of squids!!). We banded together and started the M.L.P.D. (Mylot Police Department), a happy-go-lucky band of truth seekers, and set out to destroy texts that were stupid, racist, or generally filled with banalities. We also chased after spammers and cheaters of the site. You see, people used to steal texts from the net and call it their own, for profit.

The M.L.P.D. Badge

 We were volunteers, and we did so because we loved the site. Many people we tangoed with got really upset, and tried to have us banned from the site, because we used foul language and banded to get them banned for cheating. When faced with the possible ban of our group, we founded , our headquarters sort of. That's when the story really begins...we now had a place to call our own, to hang out, and build strategy on how to go about our mylot business. Mylot ended up banning most of us, succombing to leftie's constant whining.
Screenshot of our forum
My signature on Mylotbites
  We were all there....WildCherryNY (AKA Riptide nowadays), SKSouth, AngryKitty (AKA MSV1313, but mostly known as the star conservative blogger Marezilla), ShoelessHobo, Driekons_angel...Killailla etc etc.(others not mentioned feel free to add your user name in the comment section, because memory ain't what it was). All races and genders were welcomed, but the core remained very conservative and pro-justice. I like to say that before Facebook, before Twitter and blogs, we were the best damned message board on the block.

The Anti Fifty Coalition, the one that got me banned from Mylot for good.Google Internet cancers, and look who's the'll get the meaning...
 Now...I know the title says the truth about my it is:I am the infamous MaxPower1971. That's me, and will always be me.

 We have been called cancers of the internet, we have been banned from MANY sites for our right-wing views. But the Core remains; Marezilla, Riptide and me never lost touch, even after my year of absence.

 This was 7 years ago. We all grew older and wiser...but one thing remains: we are still there for each other...we are in the same facebook discussion for the last 2 years....we live our daily lives together even though we never met in R-L. We are friends. True friends.

 So now that you know why people call me Max, let me tell you something: You now know who my dear friends are also:  on a simple word of one of my friends I will either protect you or shoot you down in flames. This is how I am. This is me. The Impolite Canadian is just a new name, but the character remains unchanged. I will fight to the death for Freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, and my friends.