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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Under attack by Ali The Con Ackbar

A short exchange we had this morning; This guy has become DELUSIONAL, seeing words that were never there... Note: he read Paul Lemmen's An ex Con's view and sees words in my comments that are never there, or written by OTHER commenters.  Take your meds Buddy!

, just wanted to let you know I read some of the outright lies you told in a comments section. Disinfo, tsk tsk.

What fucking lies?? You're a C-O-N. And your whole Org. is shady at best. Fuck you. dont fuck with me or I'll take you down myself

Disinfo is when you HIDE your criminal past, fucko.
when was Paul rejected by NBC again? Pathological liar. And members haven't told you crap.
Cant you fucking read????????? POINTED AT Never said rejected.

Disinfo is when you HIDE your criminal past, fucko.
explain to me how I hid it? When did I deny it? Oh that's right. Lie no. 3 for you. Losing.
As the rep of a CHARITY, you MUST PROACTIVELY DISCLOSE ANY PRIOR CONVICTIONS. so there. Keep fucking with me and see who looses
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