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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Morality and the Fall of American Society ( By Paul H. Lemmen ) )

Stop on almost any street-corner in an American city. Look about you and you will see ample evidence that our society is in the toilet.
Graphic images that portray sexuality being used in advertising, “reality” show advertising, advertising that lauds avarice and greed, a crumbling infrastructure, trash and litter everywhere. A society that has made a pig-sty of our nation and is making pigs of our children.
Look at the content of what passes for education in our public schools. Revised history, corrupted English language, competition-less sports, remedial math as the normative level of the subject, corrupted science. Little real education, “modern” education relies heavily on pre-packaged pap that does not encourage intellectual curiosity, rather, instills a herd mentality, follow the instructions of your leaders, don’t think for yourself, we’ll do that for you.