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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Francis Grenier, you lyin' piece of shit!!!

 Since he was ''allegedly'' injured by a flash bomb launched by RIOT police in Montreal in an attempt to disperse a group of students protesting the tuition fees hike, Grenier became the poster child of police brutality in Quebec. His injured eye was plastered all over the mainstream media and used in pro-strike student propaganda.


  New light was shed on this last week when a specialist, a Doctor by the name of  Maurice Bergeron, gave an interview to LCN's Claude Poirier, a well known police blotter on the air since the early 60's, REFUTING Grenier's allegations that his injuries were caused by the police weapon;

 '' This grenade develops 175Db, and it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that he didn't suffer any eardrum lesions. He sould have been deaf for a few hours, and more likely a few days. I watched the interviews the kid gave the following day and he looks like he can hear just fine''

 When asked if it's possible that the bomb MAY have done the damage, his reply was ''These bombs are made of cardboard that is reduced to dust by the explosion. They CANNOT have caused the deep tissue damage shown on the pictures. It looks more like a projectile hit him, like a piece of ice or asphalt thrown by the protesters themselves. ''

 Hmmm....what does that sound like to you, reader?? Who should we believe??  There is NO EVIDENCE ANYWHERE that a flash bang ever caused tissue injuries to anyone. The SPVM (police service of Montreal) were in RIOT mode after students attended an ILLEGAL protest and reacted in a ''by the book'' manner. Stun grenades are used by EVERY major city police in the world. They were used in the standoff with Mohamed Merah in France. They are used when doing a ''dynamic entry'' on drug dealers, hostage takers...etc etc.

 I FIRMLY believed from the start that stun grenades had no play in his injuries. I'd like to hear from the E.R. Dr who saw him in St-Jerome's hospital. He could say if there were fragments of SOMETHING in his eye and face.

 So therefore, I must call a big BULLSHIT on his story!!