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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Live animals used as keychains...Are the chinese fucking crazy???

 DISGUSTING, is the only word for it. Have they lost their fucking minds?? For as little as 1.50$, in a few days you will be the proud owner of a turtle CADAVER key tag, because I will bet anyone they won't last 2 weeks.

 Each baggy, seven centimeters in length, is filled with colored liquid and the imprisoned animal(s) of choice. The vendors, who sell the baggies at the entrances to subways or train stations, claim the colored water is a “nutrient rich” solution that allows the live creatures shoved inside a seven centimeter bag to live for a few months, after which–if this story couldn’t get any more depressing–the animals die and, according to Helablog, “rumor has it…the cadavers are heated in the microwave for 15 seconds and eaten while enjoying an ice cold beer.”

 If the existence of these key chains wasn’t depressing enough, the fact that they’re not illegal makes them even worse, as China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law, under which these key chains do not happen to fall.

Animal protection groups are advocating an immediate ban, calling the item an example of “pure animal abuse.”
I think I’ll just stick to my beer bottle opener key chain, at least I won’t have to watch these little guys suffocate to death. I'm not the PETA type, actually far from it, but this is F.U.C.K.E.D!!