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Friday, March 16, 2012

Protest against police brutality: Things are slowly changing!!

    Yep, yesterday was the 16th annual ''protest'' against police brutality in Montreal. I use quotes because it's not even a's a reason for a couple hundred fucking bums to break public property, pillage honest businesses and generally being assholes publicly for a few hours, as opposed to be  unknown assholes.

 The motives for all this shit are unclear; when asked, they answer things like '' FUCK THE POLICE'' and ''ROTTEN SOCIETY'' and ''FUCK GLOBALIZATION'' , all the while dressed in the latest NIKE fucking sneakers and wearing ADIDAS jackets.....ok then.

But we have seen something interesting in yesterday's show of retardation: Dissent among protesters....Some bravely stood up to these fucktards and physically confronted them to tell them to stop the breaking!! Even punk squeegees stood their ground saying the breaking was associated to them and it ain't good for the business.

Are we witnessing the end of the ''Black Bloc''??  Hopefully yes, because these fuckheads are responsible for 90% of the violence in protests in Montreal...They were even seen at the last HABS riot, now that's barely a political cause don't you think??

 The cops actually kept their cool, and that's also a change; but I do NOT agree with that change!! They stood by and WAITED for crimes to be commited..Does anyone know the meaning of PROTECT in ''To Protect and to serve''??

As soon as Black Bloc members are spotted, THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY, and accused of GANGSTERISM!!!  After all, that law isn't only good for bikers and mobsters...

1- they are ORGANIZED (supporters were spotted on street corners with bags of projectiles that they made readily available to members)
2-they PLOTTED to commit property crimes

3-they act as part of a GANG OF CRIMINALS

Can you spell GANGSTERISM ??  Anyone?...anyone????