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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quebec Students strike: ENOUGH!!!

Well they did it again; the imbeciles that will someday run our country blocked the HWY 40 yesterday as part of their incessant whining about tuition fees. Blocked a main commute road at the beginning of the afternoon rush hour, leaving THOUSANDS stranded and fuming. I'm surprised no one took their tire iron and went on a ''whack a student'' rampage.
Images: Transport Quebec

Don't they realize they are NOT gaining support from citizens by doing this??  Don't they realize they are in fact ALIENATING taxpayers to their cause? There will be retaliations; this is not a call for violence but a prediction of what will end up happening: someone will ram their car thru a blockade, or rearrange a student's facial features, or an emergency vehicle will be stuck causing someone's condition to get worse or, god forbid, DIE. All this over a 1600$ raise over 5 years?? It's still gonna be the CHEAPEST tuition fees in NORTH AMERICA!!!

I think they should hire Luc Ferrandez, king-for-life of the Plateau Mont-Royal, as an organizer; he would change circulation laws in their favor I'm sure, hell, he would even make the traffic web so bad no one would be there with their cars to start with, and the students protest seems to be more accepted on the Plateau than anywhere else (But since he thinks in Quebec you can cut snowplowing to save a buck, I'm wondering what kind of conditions these poor poor students would walk in, and since they are so poor that they are walking bare feet, they would be hospitalized, causing us taxpayers to cough up more for the health system).

Where is Jean Charest in all this?? Where are his fucking BALLS actually? The feds voted a special law to force Air Canada employees back to work, why not a special law that will make students get back in class and therefore protecting them from themselves? They will loose their sessions, and have to pay MORE tuition fees....can someone explain that to them????

Now the strikers are being infiltrated by members of the BLACK BLOCK, a pseudo political movement that has been linked to damages and illegal protests all over Quebec. These troublemakers couldn't care less about students; all they care about is pillaging, breaking and stealing. Why the police tolerates them ANYWHERE is beyond me; They can be spotted from MILES, as they all wear black, fly a black flag and are the only ones with THEIR FACES MASKED!!!!