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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fuck unions in their stupid asses!!

 There, I said it. Union accreditations need to be removed NOW.

Remember when unions were a GOOD thing?? Remember the NOBLE act of getting workers good conditions?? These days are gone people. Unions are now the leftists tools to pry even more on entrepreneurs. Unions were designed to facilitate collective bargaining, not to allow you  to throw a  fit every time you have a disagreement with your boss.. The idea is to get what you want WITHOUT fucking striking.

 Unions are not designed to be a political temper tantrum every time you have a grievance. Now those bastards think they can intimidate people and operate like the mob, twisting employees arms and the owners arms. The big 3 automakers were bankrupt a few years ago BECAUSE of the Unions, and the UAW had the gall to blame Congress for not saving them.

 That fucking Hoffa can burn in hell for all I care, he was the one who resorted to mafia-like blackmail to get the free enterprise to bend to their will, putting the enterprising person's dream of saying FUCK YOU to their bosses and work on their own on the back burner, for fear that the costs are so great to operate in America these days that they will NEVER make it big. 

 Here in Quebec, goons from the FTQ and the likes were SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES this year; No more job site placement by the unions. That means that their little monopoly on certain spheres of activity is G-O-N-E. And that's a VERY good thing.

 We Quebeckers remember the Baie James riots were honest workers were beaten to a bloody pulp by GOONIONS because they were not part of the ''right'' union. One union Kingpin, Yvon Duhamel, took a dozer to dorms, 2 30000 gallons tankers full of fuel, and created roughly 30 MILLION $$$ in direct and indirect costs (Work resumed only 54 days later).

 I have built and operated MANY medium sized businesses. Some I sold for a pretty good profit, some that were failures from the start because of my sphere of activity; they were spheres controlled by the unions. I had to fight, shove guns in faces and ribs (and a few other places I am not gonna mention here). My trucks were set on fire, had sugar poured into, one of my shops burned down, machinery drained of antifreeze (in -25C temp), etc etc. They act just like the mob; when you coward away they eat you alive, and when you push back, they put you out of business. I pushed back. Hard. Backed by a few good men, I faced one of the heads of these goons, a well known figure in Quebec that was accused in the last few years of using intimidation tactics to place ''his'' workers on job sites.

 It was in January of 1995, when their acts of vandalism against me were at their peak; in a month, they caused me 125000$ in equipment damage. I fired a few rounds after catching some jerks putting steel bars thru my trucks radiators, and one of the VERY scared assholes told me who had hired them. I always knew, but now I was certain. The asswipes were going to pay dearly. I went to a few union meetings and let it known that I was coming for them, with my little friend. I told them point blank that I was going to hurt one of their leaders REAL BAD if they didn't let me earn a living for my family.

 A few days later, I found a dead cat on my doorstep. Actually, my KID found it. that was it. I jumped in my car and went straight for their fancy headquarters in Montreal. Lucky, act of god, I arrived to see Mr HotShot on the steps of the building getting ready to give a press conference. And I jumped him. Right there, in front of 2 newspaper journalists that had gotten there early. I screamed as I was beating his weasel head in that I would hurt everyone he loved unless he called back his goons. He quivered like the little fucking bitch that he his, pleaded his innocence to a growing crowd of onlookers that didn't believe him for one minute.

 In the following weeks I had to take my family out of the house, and remained there alone, my trusty full choke .12 gauge by my side. nothing happened. Police came by, said they had way enough evidence of a contract over my head to arrest me for my own protection. I started to say that I could take care of myself, and they stared at my gun for a while and left.

 That was the end of it. Never had ANY problems again. Me, the small entrepreneur, took on the union and fucking won, resorting to their own tactics, only harder. Next post will be about the aftermath, and the FLOW of workers coming thru my office looking for a job with ''that guy''.