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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The aftermath....

  In my last entry, I described how I had to take on a union local to be able to work as I pleased. I guess a lot of workers heard about this crazy fuck who went and beat up some union top honcho in public, because my website got thousands of views in just a few days, and tons of uncalled for resumes.

 I was overwhelmed with offers to partner up with much bigger contractors who had, in the past, the same problems I had with unions. They had to stick to non-union gigs, and those gigs are much smaller. I didn't want a partner, so I decided it was best to try my own luck and passed on the offers. I was a bit weary of possible retaliation still, but I was moving on.

 I kept operating that company at about the same size for 6 more years, and sold it after I got an offer I would have been crazy to pass.

 I was tired, and wanted to get a bit less professional headaches, so I went to work for an excavation outfit as a plain and simple foreman. Money was pretty good and best of all, I didn't have to look for and bid on jobs. For a year, I was very pleased with the job, and the boss, an old friend, was good to me. After a year, I could see that my old pal wasn't as warm to me as he always was, and I knew something was up, so I went to talk to him.

 He was blunt: I was, with only my name on his payroll, the cause of him not being able to  get in on major contracts. As soon as I was mentioned as site supervisor, doors slam shut. He wanted to grow, and I was in the way. Awrite I said, shook his hand and left. Who am I to get in the way of a contractor getting bigger jobs, right?

 As I was leaving the office, I saw the union goon I had beat up 7 years prior in the parking lot, waiting in his car. He just looked at me and smiled, then it hit me; they have threatened my old pal with something....but what?

  I called and tried to get to see my former boss for 3 weeks straight and he didn't even call me back. I was fucking peaking!!! He even hid from me in a site trailer. So I went to the person I knew would be honest with me, his wife, a girl who was a very good friend of my high school sweetheart.

 She told me that they (the union) started to send him clear messages just a few weeks after he hired me that he was gonna loose if he kept me on. My friend brushed them off and didn't even tell me. His wife also said that they started to find dead animals around the house and cabin, who had been brutally murdered and left there for them to find. In the days prior to my leaving the position, they had received a letter containing pictures of their little boy....

 I was enraged that my pal didn't come to me with this, and by now the proverbial smoke was coming out of every single orifice I have. She pleaded with me not to do anything, because they are afraid, and they refused to sleep with a gun. I couldn't put them in that position, so I promised not to do anything that would let the assholes know I knew their little game.

 So I started hanging out at union meetings, waiting to see if someone would do something, or say something, just that trigger I needed to set the fucking building on fire. No one did. They all gave me the stink eye, and some intimidation took place, but I am not the guy that gets intimidated, and told them to fuck off before I let them have it like their dear rep a few years before. I was outnumbered by about 20 to 1, but stood my ground with enough anger that no one there was gonna be the first to jump me. In those meetings, I let it be known that I was going to start a new business, and that if anything was to come my way, I would take my excavator and crush this clubhouse with every piece of shit union goons inside it.

 Those who know me (Zilla, Riptide) know that I lost my contracting license in Ontario because of an incident that I was partly responsible for; I was hired to take down an old arena, after 2 months gutting the interior, I was still waiting for the permit to demolish the actual building. After another 2 months, during witch a girl had been raped inside the abandoned building, I decided to take it down without the permit, that was only a legal matter, because we had all the other permits indicating that we were tearing it down. The site was dangerous, and vagrants were starting to squat it.

 BIG MISTAKE!!!  I agree I shouldn't have done it. But as a responsible corporate citizen, and after the rape, I could NOT let that death trap standing any longer. It ruined me. I paid almost 30000$ in lawyer fees alone. I was fined 100 000$ and had my provincial license revoked.

 I thought it was harsh, but I was in the wrong, so I swallowed. City foreclosed on my equipment to pay the fine, and I was back to square one. A few years later I saw in the news that the union goon I had the run-in with had passed away while he was on trial on corruption charges. He was no union goon anymore at the end, he was the head of permits for the city I was in at the time..........I guess he won after all........