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Friday, April 20, 2012

When are we going to snuff the student protests???

 I  give them a week. A week from now I will personally go down to one of these protests and kick some nerdy ass. This is the 10th week of this nonsense, and it's costing us a fucking fortune. 1.5 mil just for the QPP, and probably more for the SPVM.

 Every fucking day these little bastards are blocking streets, trashing public property. Police it seems are shy to crack some fucking heads. Oh yes, they do arrest a few, but where's Sargent Pepper  when we need him??

Sgt Pepper
 We could also use the Shawinigan Handshake on these morons

Former PM Jean Chretien giving the ''Shawinigan Handshake'' to whining protester Bill Clenett (1996)
 Why won't cops fire rubber bullets on these apes?? What are the cops afraid of?? The population is behind them, so why not? I'm watching this shit happening live, and all of a sudden there's some whiny kid on tv wondering why cops nailed him across the head....duh you dipshit! You forced your way in a building you fucking retard!!!

Watch live HERE

 I'm telling you, we are on the verge of vigilante justice. Some citizens will break them. We are fed-up, really fed-up. I will look into organizing mobs MYSELF if the government won't break these fucking retards!!

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