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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Live animals used as keychains...Are the chinese fucking crazy???

 DISGUSTING, is the only word for it. Have they lost their fucking minds?? For as little as 1.50$, in a few days you will be the proud owner of a turtle CADAVER key tag, because I will bet anyone they won't last 2 weeks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vote for Zilla!!

 Vote for Zilla of the resistance as political mom of the year!!


Fucking students did it again!!!

 They done it again...they successfully blocked Canada's busiest bridge for an hour during morning peak hour. About 100 of these ''future leaders'' enraged commuters today to protest the tuition fee hike.

Monday, March 19, 2012

~ Blue Jeans and Lace ~: What Is The Cost? : a view

~ Blue Jeans and Lace ~: What Is The Cost? : a view: There are three main conditions in my home:  Poor, Caregiver, and Disabled These on top of the normal condition: Human When it all gets tall...

I guess I need to explain something about the reality in Montreal....

Well, I guess I did it again.... I managed to piss off a few people with my last post, HERE . Especially the friend of a very old friend...Corbinian. Well, sir, this post is for you;

 The subject of my previous post was about LABELING of Kosher and Halal meats in Quebec. I stated that ritual killings of animals must be stopped, meaning stopped until it conforms with the law. I left that last part out of it as I thought my post was clear enough.That's my mistake for assuming everyone would understand.

Halal and Kosher ritual killings MUST BE STOPPED!!! (from being sold unlabeled)

Even if I knew that ritual animal killings happened here in Quebec, I thought it was kinda marginal and hidden. It's hidden all right: 50% of the slaughter houses in Quebec have a ''Halal'' section, and 8 of those are also ''Kosher'' sites. The controversy began with a TV news report this week revealing that, for the past two years, a major Quebec poultry processing plant has been certified so that all its meat qualifies as halal, even if only a small percentage aimed at Muslim customers is labelled as such.

London Ontario mayor to get tough on rioters!!

Mr Joe Fontana, a guy with a set of balls as big as a truck, vows he will not stand back on what he can do to get tough on student rioters that caused 100's of thousands in damage

If we promise to elect you, sir, would you be our mayer here in Montreal???

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