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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Offend one, and you offend them all!! (By Jerry Wilson, Goldfish and clowns)

 I haven’t been by here much the past few days, primarily because I’ve been immersed in the new job. Which, for the record, I am thoroughly loving. That duly noted, I’m not entirely unaware of what’s been going on blogosphere-wise the past few days in regard to the Ali Akbar et al vs. Paul Lemmen and friends dust-up. Dan Collins (twice), Peter Ingemi, Donald Douglas (twice), The Lonely Conservative (twice) and Ladd Ehlinger Jr. (three times) have all written thoughtful pieces on the matter. The Impolite Canadian has thundered on the subject as only he can here here here here here here here here here and here, and Lisa Graas has also twice contributed, so I won’t attempt to amplify already existing excellence by throwing in my two cents. However, I do have a few thoughts.
First, my personal interaction with the assorted players has been limited to light social media contact and the occasional email. I therefore make no claim to deep friendship or major private insight. All I know is what I’ve had said to me, mixed with a dash of that oft errant but nonetheless formidable phenomenon known as “trusting your gut.”

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Thank you Jerry for this piece of wisdom!

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