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Friday, October 25, 2013

Far Back Fridays!! Please Share!

 Let's start a new thing...
Far Back Fridays: Please share!

Post the first songs, records, band or singers that you bought or recorded (or stole, we won't tell) for yourself! All genres welcomed! Tell the back story of you influence....

I'll start:

Being born in the very early 70's, and with an 8 years older than me brother, I remember him listening to Frank Zappa, Yes , Rush , early Black Sabbath, Cheap Trick, Genesis, on an old 12v 8 track hooked up to a power supply in the garage....And the first song that really struck me, that I played over and over and over, until my parent's ear bled lol, was Kiss's Black Diamond.

I went out with rolled pennies and cash from bottles I took back for refund...and bought HOTTER THAN HELL, my very first record. I played it on an old fisher-price type player because my parents didn't want to hear it in the living room loll...It was the ultimate Satan-is-taking-our-child year and I started to rebel bad....

Here it is:

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