In support of the small time bloggers, especially Paul H Lemmen. We will not be bullied! FUCK NBC and their elitist attitude!!
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Monday, June 11, 2012

North American Conservative Bloggers United (NACBU)

 Ok. I'm taking the dive. I'm starting the club. Over the next few days, I will set up a website for our brand new association. I got the logo and the name down already.
Just right-click and save as

 Those of you who need a certain size and cannot do it yourselves, just contact me.


You MUST be a conservative blogger.
You MUST display our logo on your website or blog's main page.
You MUST follow other members' blogs.
ANYONE Right of center can join.
Admission to the club is FREE.
You MUST register by replying to this thread with your Blogger name, and your blog's web address.
You MUST link the image with this (temporary) link:
That is all.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How about our own thing??

  After reading about what happened to my friend and fellow conservative blogger Paul Lemmen, (who runs An Ex Con's view blog on wordpress), I got to think we should set up our own thing. A blogger association that will NOT discriminate against anyone who has a not-so-shiny past.


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