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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Identity Theft: Another Tool for the Politics of Personal Destruction from the “Tolerant” Left

Please be aware that leftists have taken to committing identity theft to impersonate me in comments sections of blogs and are using a fraudulent email that looks similar to my public email address to make it look as if I am saying horrible offensive things in an attempt to destroy my reputation, apparently because I did well in a recent contest for political bloggers, they have been doing this to the winner of the contest, The Lonely Conservative, as well. If you see something that appears to have come from me but is totally out of character for me to say, know that it is in all likelihood, NOT ME, but a leftist troll who thinks a campaign of personal destruction against a person who is fighting serious and potentially fatal illness is a good and proper thing to do.

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Severe sanctions for striking students!!!

 We need a special kind of punishment to end the pillage, the random vandalism and the civic disobedience:

entitlement addiction......

 Montreal police arrested 60 students that crashed the Queen Elizabeth hotel, famous for John and Yoko's bed-in. Police say they were called to the hotel after demonstrators started flipping tables and smashing dishes inside the building.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

76 arrested in yet ANOTHER student protest in Montreal....

 Enough is enough!! Students in Montreal blocked streets again this morning, causing the heart of Montreal to be almost paralyzed. Vandalism, civil disobedience, masked people by the dozens, it HAS to stop.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Please Support Conservative Blogger Moms – Don’t Let the Commie Mommies Win!

March 31, 2012
I am still really sick and having a lot of weird and scary neurological issues from my Late Stage Lyme Disease (now with bonus Ehrlichiosis!), which is why I haven’t blogged at all, but I am working on a new post with all the details about that – it is just hard to focus right now. It will be a long road ahead of me as I fight to try to regain my health and I still need help, but that’s not what this post is about. I will try to get to the point quickly before my poor brain fuzzes out on me again.

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