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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Amazing: Gays boycott Pride event in NH due to Chick-Fil-A participation? ( By DatechGuy)

by Datechguy | August 9th, 2012

One of the first rules of being in a hole is to stop digging. Apparently the folks at GetEQUAL MA & Join the Impact MA haven’t figured this out yet. They have decided to pull out of the Pride NH event because…wait for it. The Nashua Chick-Fil-A Franchise is supporting and participating in it:
From a press release I received today
Despite the Nashua franchisee’s declaration of being welcoming to the gay community, his restaurant — like all Chick-fil-A restaurants — gives 15% gross + 50% net profits back to the Atlanta-based parent company, from which Chick-fil-A is free to donate to whomever they want. The $50 booth fee for NH Pride is a paltry price for the local Chick-fil-A to pay in order to market a product, in the hopes of gaining new fans who will produce more profits — profits which will end up supporting anti-gay groups working against the interests of the very people and their loved ones NH Pride is celebrating. The Chick-fil-A story for the LGBTQ community has always been one about a company specifically supporting efforts that harm our community, not about a private citizen’s personal opinions.


NACBU's stand on the NBC and Ali Akbar ( By The Impolite Canadian)

  I have been writing on the National Bloggers Club for a couple months now. Questions were asked DIRECTLY to Ali Akbar and Michelle Malkin, the only 2 members I am aware of, opinions were expressed, and as far as we can see, NO ONE from the NBC dared to give the answers.

NBC logo
Mind you, it's very hard to ask questions when the organization of the NBC is hidden from the world. No one knows who these bloggers are, the organization does not have a list of members.The NBC does not even have a blog.  The ONLY one we know for sure is Ali Akbar. And he's not answering questions. They claim to represent ''100's of bloggers''. Who are they? .Demands of interviews did not even get acknowledged. Oh sure, when FOX NEWS calls, Akbar and Malkin are all over it. But when the small bloggers they claimed to care for ask legitimate questions, they are ignored. Not only ignored, they are shunned and demonized as not being true conservatives.

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Perhaps It's A Fluke ... (By Paul H. Lemmen)

Perhaps It's A Fluke ...

How does a not too smart (she can't figure out how to afford her contraception but can figure out how to afford a weeks long trip to Europe) woman attending Law school end up introducing the empty suit in chief at a rally in Colorado?
(How did she afford the airfare to Denver from DC? That's quite a bit more than the $9 per month cost of birth control)
Is it a fluke Sandra Fluke is being promoted by the Cultural Marxist agents of change in the Democratic Party and in the "Suborned and Complicit Media™"?
Not at all! She is being promoted as the modern "every woman" by the liberals. What great example for us to use in raising the next generation of young girls! (sarc)
One who demands others support her and demand those supporting her have no voice in her life or actions, demands to live out of our collective wallets and also demands that regardless of our beliefs, she'll spend our money on anything she wants even if it against our religious beliefs.
Worst. Role. Model. EVER!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Welcome home, fellow Patriots! (From NACBU blogs)

 The North American Conservative Bloggers United ( or NACBU for short ) was born because of a lack of solidarity towards the smaller conservative bloggers by the ''elites''. Those bloggers try to monopolize attention on them on ''big'' stories, and give no room for the smaller guys and gals, stealing posts and not linking to them.

They marginalize bloggers about their pasts (even when pro actively disclosed), and by their all mighty hit counters. They went as far as ''VETTING'' bloggers out of stories they worked hard to dig up. They said that some are faking to be ill just to mooch on good people's money. They also blindly follow a leader that, with his lies about his past, made all of us on the right look like utter fools when someone on the left exposed him.

So you're not big? So what?? Your voice deserves to be heard too!

By joining NACBU, your voice will be heard.

How to join? Read the following. And remember: NACBU will ALWAYS BE FREE for ALL members, big or small.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Morality and the Fall of American Society ( By Paul H. Lemmen ) )

Stop on almost any street-corner in an American city. Look about you and you will see ample evidence that our society is in the toilet.
Graphic images that portray sexuality being used in advertising, “reality” show advertising, advertising that lauds avarice and greed, a crumbling infrastructure, trash and litter everywhere. A society that has made a pig-sty of our nation and is making pigs of our children.
Look at the content of what passes for education in our public schools. Revised history, corrupted English language, competition-less sports, remedial math as the normative level of the subject, corrupted science. Little real education, “modern” education relies heavily on pre-packaged pap that does not encourage intellectual curiosity, rather, instills a herd mentality, follow the instructions of your leaders, don’t think for yourself, we’ll do that for you.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Why LGBT Pisses me Off! ( A GREAT post by SideTrakd)

I have nothing against any particular homosexual or transgendered person.  I couldn’t care less who you sleep with, or what sex you claim to be.  I have enough of my own sins to deal with.  I really don’t even care who you marry… I just refuse to promote homosexual marriage as somehow being normal, because it goes against everything that I believe.  So, stop saying that I hate you, because I don’t.

But you do tend to piss me off…  a lot.

See, I don’t believe that your lifestyle is the way to go, and so you brand me as a “hater”.  Hell, I am not even allowed to believe that your lifestyle IS a lifestyle.

Like all liberals, you’re all for “tolerance”, until someone doesn’t agree with you.  That’s really why conservatives like me hold you in such low esteem.  We’re going to keep on deciding for ourselves what we believe, and that just isn’t acceptable to you, is it?

And PLEASE… stop crying about the Boy Scouts not wanting to send a troop of boys off into the woods with a homosexual male troop leader.  When you see the Girl Scouts send their kids off alone with a heterosexual male, then you can get back to me.

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