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Monday, July 23, 2012

KJV HOSTING DO NOT USE!! Will the real Chuck Adkins please stand up??

 It's never a good thing to encourage a business when the owner is such a waste of a carnal envelope.

Meet Charles Patrick Adkins, the ''brains'' behind the one man operation KJV hosting!

Charles P. Adkins

Charles P. Adkins

Owner/Lead Designer/CEO at KJV Hosting and Web Design Services Inc (Division of Shiloh Ventures)
Lincoln Park, Michigan
  • Owner/Lead Designer/CEO at KJV Hosting and Web Design Services Inc. (Division of Shiloh Ventures)
  • Owner at Thoughts and Rantings
  • Customer at HostMist
  • Owner at Political Byline
  • Owner at Political Byline
  • Wayne County Community College
  • Ecorse Baptist Temple Schools
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I think the biggest thing people need to know about me; is that I am real. I am not your a-typical politico, who's in a tie and suit and never worked hard a day in their lives. I went to school of hard knocks and bloodied knuckles. I've been out there with the people, working my ass off for a paycheck and I have seen what the Democrats and the Government has done to Detroit, America and the people.

If you want someone who is the real deal. Contact me and I'll write your column, opinion piece or blog posting.


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January 2012Present (7 months) Lincoln Park, Michigan
This is my small business. I design websites and Blogs; WordPress being my specialty. I also provide Hosting to blogs as well.
December 2011Present (8 months) Lincoln Park, Michigan
This is my political opinion Blog.
20122012 (less than a year)
You mean, what I do? I use their servers! 8-D
20112011 (less than a year)
February 2006October 2011 (5 years 9 months) Lincoln Park, Michigan
old blog, now inactive.
March 2005August 2005 (6 months)
I was assigned to 3 Home Depot Stores in the Southeastern Michigan area. My responsibilities included merchandising stock on the shelves, Completing and faxing return to vendor requests, Building lighting fixtures for the department as needed, communicating any and all job related problems to the area manager, setting stock on shelves to plan-o-gram. keep track of my activities on a Pocket PC and then sending this information via internet to the home office. I also act as a liaison between product manufactures and the Home Depot stores by providing training to employees about new products.
December 2001February 2002 (3 months)
Assigned to the Compaq Computer Company in Madison Heights, MI. on a PC Refresh Project. Primary function on this project was to be responsible for the Delivery of PC's to Various Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Sites around the Metro Detroit Area and Several Sites around the Lower Michigan Area. also was responsible for putting monitors on pallets, responsible for the distribution of computer peripherals along with the new pc's.
November 2000April 2001 (6 months)
Prepared parts for the paint Booth, this included sanding, wet sanding, taping off cars and trucks,cleaning up surface to be painted.
September 1999October 2000 (1 year 2 months)
Managed the general operation of the K-Mart pallet reuse system for Michigan, scheduled the retrieving of these pallets with customers via phone, interacted with with the receiving managers at the K-Mart stores to resolve issues that were present with the pallet reuse system and worked to solve these problems. Picked up empty pallets from K-Mart Stores in southeast lower Michigan and Ohio. loaded these pallets into truck and made an inventory of the amount on my truck, performed light maintenance on my truck, drove hi-lo to unload my own truck.

Oh my, that's the profile of a real winner, eh?  I mean, isn't he the dream employee or editor you fantasize about?? Come on now, a 40 year old window licker is just TOO GOOD TO PASS ON, right? How can you resist someone who has been to the ''school of hard knocks and bloody knuckles''??

Mr Adkins has been  an INTERNET STALKER AND HARASSER for the better part of  the last 10 years.  Read all about it HERE 

The 2-bit outfit he's running is just one more way to try to obtain your personal information so he can defame and stalk you on the Interwebz. At his old blog, every post was demanding good people to give him money, and he insinuated himself in the conservative Christian movement to panhandle virtually. When the MINIMAL space and IP range he rents will go dark for non-payment, he will blame you for not paying enough. He will then proceed to SPOOF your email addy in order to send emails to your readers, or your friends, saying HORRIBLE THINGS along the way.


I have researched and obtained his home address. I will refrain at this point from revealing it, but since he HIMSELF posted Michelle Malkin's personal address and phone number, it's only a matter of time before I expose his info to the world.

I also know where he rents his server and IP range from. And a more complete dossier on Mr Adkins is in the works. Stay tuned!!