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Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Chick-Fil-a thang

 Ooops. Someone done mess up! Or did they??


  The Cathy family, as the name say a family oriented and owned chicken fast food chain, has become the target of a MASSIVE and ORGANIZED attack by the radical left, over voicing their PREFERENCE for heterosexual, or traditional marriage. What's wrong with that? Are the lefties so eager to nit pick at EVERYTHING good, christian Americans or businesses are doing and saying??

 It's not like they refuse access to homosexuals, damn it!

 It's like all the cuckoos from the leftard Obummer supporters came out of the loony bin unescorted at the same time. Brian Ross, Chick-Fil-A, the campaign saying Gilchrist Metal had government grants, yadiyadi effinda!. And just today, the TWITTER DOWNTIME WAS ATTRIBUTED (with a dripping load or sarcasm) to ROBERT STACY McCAIN!! 

 But all joking aside, the big pathetic uproar caused by a private business' policies is the left's way to show it's ugly head in a debate that isn't one: A private company can support ANY policy they want, and if the O brigade want to boycott them, it's all good. But get the hell out of my way when I decide to go enjoy one of their tasty, American-made Chicken sandwiches!!