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Friday, April 27, 2012

Both hands on the wheel....YEAH RIGHT!!!

 Ok, the Charest government's gotta go. Them fucking libtards done it again. They put the 1625$ raise on 7 years instead of 5. This government is giving up the fight, on MY FUCKING DIME!
Look people, NO HANDS!!

  The motherfucker gave the cry babies and retards protesting the tuition fee hike what they wanted. resume this, in Quebec, with the leftists in power, all you need to do to get society to cater to all your needs is descend on the streets, break public property, block traffic for half the city, throw red paint all over the place, and have that little PUKE Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois yell far left INCITATIONS TO VIOLENT ACTS, and the libtard party of Quebec will bend over for you to slide him your greasy trouser snake.

Piece of shit leftist retard, from a family of libtard retards!!
I hope the students refuse the offer, and I hope the ARMY comes to set these fuckheads straight!! 50 cents a day for fuck's sakes!!  PM of Canada Steven Harper, I'm looking your way!!!

 CITIZENS FOR THE TUITION FEE HIKE: We need to stand united and voice our opposition to negotiating with TERRORISTS! Email your deputy, and the prime minister's cabinet  HERE and tell him you STRONGLY disagree negotiating under threat of violence!!
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