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Monday, March 19, 2012

Halal and Kosher ritual killings MUST BE STOPPED!!! (from being sold unlabeled)

Even if I knew that ritual animal killings happened here in Quebec, I thought it was kinda marginal and hidden. It's hidden all right: 50% of the slaughter houses in Quebec have a ''Halal'' section, and 8 of those are also ''Kosher'' sites. The controversy began with a TV news report this week revealing that, for the past two years, a major Quebec poultry processing plant has been certified so that all its meat qualifies as halal, even if only a small percentage aimed at Muslim customers is labelled as such.

 The pro-independence Parti Quebécois party says it's concerned about halal animal-rights standards, and is worried that mainstream companies are selling the meat, without any labelling, to unsuspecting Quebecois customers. One such company has reportedly conceded to the pratice, calling such labelling "unnecessary." "This type of slaughter slams directly against Quebecois values," the PQ said in a statement released Wednesday. Source: Canadian press

 Again we ( the french Quebeckers) are viewed as racists. Well call us racists all you fucking want: There is NO FUCKING WAY this will keep on happening in Quebec. If we agree to this shit, what's next?? Legalized HONOR KILLINGS??? Remember the SHAFIA people??

If the muslims keep on trying to push back our limits, WE NEED TO KEEP FIGHTING BACK!! These ''Reasonnable accomodations'' have to stop NOW.

You FLED your country because of their Sharia laws and their generally corrupted governments, and we let you in to give you a shot at FREEDOM, and this is how you repay us???  By pushing your stone-age beliefs on us??  FUCK YOU!!!

France got the idea, they made it ILLEGAL to be veiled in public or to show ANY signs of religion.

We need a good ol' drive 'em out of the country with pitchforks mob. I know MANY Moslems and they don't push their shit on others....they came here to be FREE of all that shit, and they adapted well to the American way of life. They ALL tell me that extremists are trying to take over the world, and they do so by getting many, MANY small things to be accepted playing the ''RACIST'' card. They KNOW we don't like to be called bigots so we let them have their little thing...IT HAS TO STOP!!!