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Monday, March 19, 2012

I guess I need to explain something about the reality in Montreal....

Well, I guess I did it again.... I managed to piss off a few people with my last post, HERE . Especially the friend of a very old friend...Corbinian. Well, sir, this post is for you;

 The subject of my previous post was about LABELING of Kosher and Halal meats in Quebec. I stated that ritual killings of animals must be stopped, meaning stopped until it conforms with the law. I left that last part out of it as I thought my post was clear enough.That's my mistake for assuming everyone would understand.

 The reality in Montreal is that the Jewish community is VERY demanding, and keep pushing their beliefs onto the city and the province, and if we don't agree, we're intolerant and racist. They demand all sorts of crazy shit that would give them ADVANTAGE over the regular, ''pure laine Quebecois'' (The born-and-raised-Quebecker).

The most popular of their demands was asking a YMCA to frost their windows because ''woman in spandex corrupt our little boys''. READ IT HERE. Excuse me???  No we will NOT tint our windows. Not now, not EVER. What is this??  Tell me it's bad for a little boy of ANY FAITH tosee a woman taking care of her body, in a gym. Please tell me. There is no argument to be given. The little boy's faith tells him it's bad to look at them?? Fine, no problem....TURN YOUR FUCKING HEAD AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!!! Does that sound like just an harmless plea in good neighbor-like fashion to you?? I THINK NOT. It's pushing your beliefs and practices on the MAJORITY.

  They have been OPENLY defying laws here by opening illegal, private schools and refusing to conform to the province's education ministry. READ HERE . Again, NOT respecting the LAW.

Last week, a city Councillor went to see if members of the Jewish community were respecting By-Laws...and was called HITLER....ahem...let me rephrase that....HIT-FUCKING-LER???? Listen a 2:16.

Did I hear this right??  Jewish community calling someone HITLER???

I have NOTHING against the Jewish as a community, but it's extremists are AS BAD as the Muslim extremists. They do what they want where they want with NO CONSIDERATION for our culture, our beliefs. THAT, sir, is the situation in Montreal.  It is also the reason of my indignation. NO RELIGION IN MY PLATE, please!!! They REFUSE to label their product, and I am the intolerant??? BULLSHIT!!!