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Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen. (Yeah right)

  ''President'' Barry Obummer has done it again. He, with 14 words, managed to irritate MILLIONS of Americans. Proud, hard working self-made business owners from across America woke up with a bad taste in their mouths. You know the bad taste you get when you almost puke?


  Not only am I DIRECTLY insulted by this, I am outraged by it. This opportunistic, incompetent, arrogant PARACHUTED bastard is telling me and MILLIONS of Americans that the sacrifices we made, the YEARS of barely surviving we had, were not suffered by us, but by HIM?? With all due respect, Mr ''president'', GO FUCK YOURSELF.

 Just with that statement, he tells us we are nothing without a socialist whose only mandate so far is to help out crooked banks, incompetent officials and illegals. I got news for you Barry; I didn't get no stimulus money. I didn't get so much as a loan from my government. On the other hand, I had to tip-toe thru miles of red tape regulations, permit fees, application fees, and the rest. I have built my business from the ground up, with hard working, understanding employees who worked for next to nothing for a year to help, because they believed in me.  No bank loans available for me, and every piece of equipment I own was bought with money we worked hard to get. No help from ANYONE.

  ''To say that Steve Jobs didn't build Apple, that Henry Ford didn't build Ford Motor, that Papa John didn't build Papa John Pizza, that Ray Crock didn't build McDonalds, that Bill Gates didn't build Microsoft, you go down the list, that Joe and his colleagues didn't build this enterprise, to say something like that is not just foolishness, it's insulting to every entrepreneur, every innovator in America. It's wrong.'' --Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney


 Just how low will you sink, Barry? Just how bad will you insult true, patriotic Americans before you realize the damage you have done? How many illegals will be permitted to live on OUR FUCKING dime before you acknowledge you FAILED America? Tell me, Barry, 'cause I'm dying to know.

 You need to take a long, hard look at yourself. We, the people, are your boss. And like the proverbial Trumps that we are, we say this to you, Barry: YOU'RE FIRED!

 We need an entrepreneur at the head of the BIGGEST ECONOMIC POWER in the world. We need someone who knows that you can't spend the people's money like it was your own to save incompetents and lazy ass friends who got you elected. We need Mitt Romney.

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