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Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to become a ''top blogger'' a la Ali ''Convict'' Akbar

  By now you all know who Ali Akbar is. He doesn't need any presentation. Or does he?

 He is a ''top blogger''. He heads what is probably the biggest blogger association. Everyone knows him, and everyone knows who is part of the NBC. The club's rules and membership list are available to the public. When they collect funds, the average Joe can look up how they spend that money, how much was collected, etc. His blog posts are informative. He was TOTALLY TRANSPARENT about his past. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW HIM???

 Sounds too good to be true??  Well, IT IS.

 Ali Akbar, ZOD, doesn't blog. ''But how can he be the head of the elitist National Bloggers Club without a blog?'' one may ask. Who the fuck knows. Who knows how his ''members'' follow a blogless ''top blogger''. But they do.

NO ONE KNOWS exactly who his ''members'' are. Hell, no one even knows for sure if that ''non-profit'' organization is registered.

The club's rules?? It seems that no one can answer what they are. No one even knows HOW they became a member of that club. It's like they all of a sudden became part of the ''elites'', encouraging and defending the ''mastermind'', but when asked how does one join this ''elite'' club, you get the ''I dunno man, it just happened, u know?''.

 This ''top blogger'', who runs a HUGE non-profit club, did NOT disclose the fact that he was convicted of crimes including theft, credit card fraud, breaking and entering, and god knows what else. Would you be inclined to give your donation, via credit card, to a club run by a CREDIT CARD FRAUDSTER??

 Didn't think so. This is why he hides his past. So that the funds keep-a-coming. What he does with them?? Ok we know he helped out Robert Stacy McCain. But for HOW MUCH? And the best question is, HOW MUCH MONEY WAS COLLECTED, exactly?

 Paul Lemmen was among the first to withdraw his support to NBC. It snowballed into an internet outcry demanding what is the deal with NBC:

 With this in mind, I am publicly calling for Mr. Ali Akbar to step down from the National Blogger’s Club. There should be an outside audit of not only the donations received, but also where its donated funds have gone. There should be a publication of the IRS statement certifying the status of the National Bloggers Club. Such actions will help clear the air, and validate Mr. Akbar’s stewardship to date. After an acceptable time, and with no evidence of wrongdoing, it may be possible for him to return to the National Bloggers Club, though I think the hidden nature of Mr. Akbar’s previous crimes may make this ultimately impossible. Trust is something the general public does not give lightly, and its conservative members, even less so.

This post prompted THIS post from FilmLadd:

You don't arrogantly attack people and try to silence them for being concerned about your character because of your crimes. You take your lumps and try to prove that you're a decent person - like Lemmen has been doing for some time, now. And if you've been hiding crimes, and are suddenly outed, you at the very least step down for the good of the cause. Get out of the way and let people without hidden criminal convictions take up the fight.
I jumped in the middle of it HERE :

For the opinions I shared in the comment section of Paul's post, I became under attack by none other that Ali the not so mighty on Twitter. You can see it HERE . Accusing me for things I did not write, for words that aren't there. He also attacked Paul a few days earlier. All I got to say, is that if Ali wants to play that game, I can play it very well too. When he attacks me, I find it funny, because he's a little bitch and I can take care of him very swiftly. When he attacks Paul, who's every moves and words are watched by the parole board, it's a declaration of war with me. And if he dares to attack my besties, he's as fucked as Monica.

 @DaTechGuy, asked 8 very legitimate questions on his blog about a month ago.

1. How exactly does one join the NBC?
2. Is there a website for it, what it the address, if not when is it expected to be up?
3. Who is on the board of the NBC and how is it selected?
4. Given that NBC was started by people who are conservative, is the membership limited to conservatives?
5. Is this organization strictly for political bloggers are there plans to expand beyond that?
6. Is this considered a formal organization with existing by-laws etc, if such bylaws do not exist are they in progress, or is it more informal association of bloggers & writers?
7. Is there a budget, how much has the organization raised?
8. As money is being raised to help the victims of Kimberlin & Co how have said funds been used in that regard?
  You would think that a LEGITIMATE organization would answer these questions in a hurry, to protect their image. Guess what......NO ONE FROM NBC DARED TO GRAZE THE SUBJECT. Weird to say the least.

 FilmLadd's Ladd Ehlinger JR took a meme Zilla Stevenson wrote, and ran with it in a formidable way.

Ali Akbar
Kneel before Zod or I shall revoke your blogger credentials, and I will spread rumors that you are a dirty nasty swinger. Then maybe I'll tweet about your personal financial woes. I may threaten to sue you on teh Twitterz! Or, alternately, I'll allege that you're racist. And stuff. Kneel!

  Read the rest of that brilliant post HERE .

 My conclusions are that if you DARE to question your ''top blogging elitist Overlord'', you won't get an answer.
Topic should have been: Where's the money, Ali??

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