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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guy Adams, The lastest victim of Twitter's bizarre free speech interpretation

 Twitter has done it again! They gave the benefit of the doubt to some big corporation instead of actually INVESTIGATING the matter. Guy Adams, the Independent's Los Angeles bureau chief,  was sent to Twitmo because he DARED (OMG how could he) to question NBC's decision not to air the Olympic games ouverture live. He posted a CORPORATE ( meaning available to all who seek it) email address to NBC's Olympic boss Gary Zenkel, inviting citizens to voice their discontentment.
Guy Adams before his ''hate crime''

Guy Adams being led to Twitter Gulag

 Many, MANY of us have been sent to Twitter Gulag for voicing our opinions on the Liberals and Democrats. Good people including Paul H. Lemmen (@anexconsview , who BTW has published an auto-biography sold here: , Chris Loesh, who has been suspended 3 times in an hour, his supporters trending worldwide demanding his reinstatement, @freemarket_us , and MANY MANY more, including yours truly.

Yes I have been briefly suspended from Twitter after a 2 tweet Tweetfight with Les Justiciers Masqués, a french Canadian openly liberal duo of wannabe humorists, after I responded to one of their ''pro student strike'' comments.

Twitter's  ''Trust and Safety team'' , watever that means, has a history of giving in to libtards who abuse the block/report functions, with no investigation watsoever. This abuse has been properly demonstrated in the past by :

What happened to Chris Loesch (husband of our own Dana Loesch) last night is not a small deal. By manipulating Twitter's complaint process, Leftists were able to take down Chris's Twitter account on three different occasions and only a time-consuming Twitter storm was able to reinstate him (as of this writing he's back online). This is a big deal because the left is starting to figure out that Twitter will be a major player in this upcoming presidential election, and the action they’re taking is already organized and extreme.

Read the rest HERE

The libtards, who CONSTANTLY accuse the Conservative movement of  raaaaacism, bigotry and all other things you can think of, are bullying their way on Twitter by abusing it's policies, and by exploiting the fact that Twitter can't seem to get  their shit together.

Are we going to see the end of this?? Let me sincerely doubt it.

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