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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christine Quinn, Adam Smith : The ugly faces of the liberal left...

 Christine Quinn, a New York city council speaker with mayoral aspirations, fired off a letter to John Sexton, president of the University of New-York, DEMANDING the university to end it's contract with fast food chain Chick-Fil-A, based on CEO Dan Cathy's statement to the fact that he encourages traditional values, therefore is not supporting gay marriage.
Hmmm....I should have bit that tongue BEFORE I wrote that letter


 Quinn, using her her speaker credentials, wrote in the letter that she will not have a business in her city that hold such discriminatory beliefs.

 First off, Quinn, you cannot speak for the council before holding a vote. Council must APPROVE what you will say or write when you speak on their behalf.

Christine C. Quinn
The Council
The City of New York
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
July 28, 2012
John Sexton
New York University
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012
Dear President Sexton:
I write as the Speaker of the NYC Council, and on behalf of my family. NYC is a place where we
celebrate diversity. We do not believe in denigrating others. We revel in the diversity of all our
citizens and their families.
As you know from recent press coverage, the President of Chick‐fil‐A continues to
make statements and support causes that are clear messages of extreme intolerance and
homophobia and a belief that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Americans are less
than others and deserve to be treated as such.

Let me be clear ‐‐ I do not want establishments in my city that hold such discriminatory views.We are a city that believes our diversity is our greatest strength and we will fight anything and
anyone that runs counter to that.
I know from our long relationship that you and your university celebrate the diversity of NYC.
Your history in this area is exemplary.

As such I urge you to sever your relationship with the Chick‐fil‐A establishment that exists on
your campus. This establishment should be replaced with an establishment where the
ownership does not denigrate a portion of our population.

In ending this relationship, I also urge you to keep the workers who are employed by Chick‐fil‐A
and ensure that the replacement restaurant lets them retain their jobs. The employees of the
Chick‐fil‐A should not suffer because of the shortsightedness and homophobia of the President
of the corporation that employs them.
Again, I appreciate your university’s long history of celebrating diversity. I urge you to join with
me in ensuring that our city does not become a place where those who do not share our
commitment, have any place to espouse those views.
Christine C. Quinn
New York City Council

 Fellow councilman Peter Vallone, told Fox News :
 “She can write to someone as a council member, but if she states that she is writing as the Speaker it can only be on behalf of the entire council. She has to have the majority vote of the council, and I don’t recall voting on this matter.”

  “A stance on gay marriage is in no way a forum to prevent someone form running a business in a community.
“If we allow something like this, then the next letter might be concerning someone’s view on abortion.”

Her communications agent stated in her defense that this letter was from CITIZEN Christine Quinn. BULLSHIT.
 “Christine Quinn was simply voicing her own opinion; she fully understands that Mr. Cathy has the right to say and donate to anything he wants. But she has the right to use her voice just as much as he does,”
 She clearly tried to push her weight around by stating ''I SPEAK AS THE SPEAKER OF COUNCIL''.
Nice try, wench!

 The ''speaker'' elaborated on her stance and backpedaled while speaking with reporters Tuesday.

 “I support businesses that are open and inclusive -- that reflect the viewpoint of New York City, the most in diverse city in the world. That said, businesses that follow our laws have a right to open here.We are asking Mr. Cathy to reconsider, open up his mind and really overcome his homophobia and stop investing his money in efforts to limit the rights of LGBT Americans. I’m raising my voice -- which can be loud at times -- but I’m never going to misuse this office in any way at all.”

Yeah. Ok. Anyone else smell a personal vendetta by someone with a tiny bit of ''power''?
Oh. I forgot. She's openly lesbian.

RETRACT, APOLOGIZE, and STEP DOWN. It's the only honorable thing to do.
King of the douche bags, Adam Smith

Adam Smith, the newly appointed ''King of the douche'', went and played tough with a poor girl working the drive-thru booth at a Chick-Fil-A location in Arizona. Telling her she should be ashamed to work for a hate filled business, and generally being what he is: a douche bag. Mr Toughy went and posted his video to youtube, only to pull it out hours later when he saw the uproar.
Still from the video

 Was that the end of it? OH HELL NO. Youtubers downloaded the video and re-posted it, to show exactly what Mr Smith didn't want you to see, finally.

So, douchebag. Think you made a big difference today? Actually you did. You PROVED without a doubt that liberal leftards ARE the hate mongers they accuse the right to be.

I just wish I was behind you in that line up, bitch.

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