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Monday, August 6, 2012

Why LGBT Pisses me Off! ( A GREAT post by SideTrakd)

I have nothing against any particular homosexual or transgendered person.  I couldn’t care less who you sleep with, or what sex you claim to be.  I have enough of my own sins to deal with.  I really don’t even care who you marry… I just refuse to promote homosexual marriage as somehow being normal, because it goes against everything that I believe.  So, stop saying that I hate you, because I don’t.

But you do tend to piss me off…  a lot.

See, I don’t believe that your lifestyle is the way to go, and so you brand me as a “hater”.  Hell, I am not even allowed to believe that your lifestyle IS a lifestyle.

Like all liberals, you’re all for “tolerance”, until someone doesn’t agree with you.  That’s really why conservatives like me hold you in such low esteem.  We’re going to keep on deciding for ourselves what we believe, and that just isn’t acceptable to you, is it?

And PLEASE… stop crying about the Boy Scouts not wanting to send a troop of boys off into the woods with a homosexual male troop leader.  When you see the Girl Scouts send their kids off alone with a heterosexual male, then you can get back to me.

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