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Monday, June 18, 2012

NBC's about to loose ALL support.

 Well, the recent stupidity of the head of the National Bloggers Club, Ali the-not-so-reformed-con-man Ackbar is about to bite it in the ass. Many bloggers are withdrawing their support to the club, and want details on where the funds collected are going. The NBC is being questioned and all Ackbar can do is attack people who question instead of giving CLEAR answers and making amends.


 It all started HERE , on Paul Lemmen's brilliant blog, An Ex Con's View.  Since then, we have been voicing our concerns over the fact that funds are collected by the NBC and that they are controlled by a con man who DENIES his real involvement he had in the crime, and HIDES another indictment.

You see, Paul's been there. So did I. We are both reformed cons. Paul was more into the ''white collar'' crimes, while I was more of a thug, drug dealer, biker, freelance debt collector and turf enforcer.

When a so called ''reformed'' con like Ackbar minimizes his participation in a crime, and hiding his other crimes, we have the makings of a con man. Not a reformed one.

For the opinions I shared in the comment section of Paul's post, I became under attack by none other that Ali the not so mighty on Twitter. You can see it HERE . Accusing me for things I did not write, for words that aren't there. He also attacked Paul a few days earlier. All I got to say, is that if Ali wants to play that game, I can play it very well too. When he attacks me, I find it funny, because he's a little bitch and I can take care of him very swiftly. When he attacks Paul, who's every moves and words are watched by the parole board, it's a declaration of war with me. And if he dares to attack my besties, he's as fucked as Monica.

Other people voiced their opinions in the private sphere. @FilmLadd is one of them. You can read his epic post HERE.

Now, a lot of independent bloggers are stepping up to the plate and question the NBC. And also a lot of bloggers are coming out to say that what Paul Lemmen did was truly an act of bravery. He put his livelihood and his wife's in jeopardy when he took on the whole Kimberlin thing. He is the one with the most to loose in this. Already, someone was taking pictures of his home, his car, etc. This is clearly an attempt to shut him up.

On another front, but still related to Paul, was the whole Butt-Hurt thing. Zilla of the Resistance has posted a BRILLIANT piece on her blog about it. Read it HERE. Paul also voiced his hanger in THIS piece.

My little finger tells me that a good friend is preparing a post on this whole mess.

So I will end this by saying: It sucks that we got this info from our opposition. But what sucks more is when the attacks come form OUR side. Conservatives, UNITE.

Take a look at the organization I set up. It's a ''small guy'' thing. find it HERE.

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