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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To put things in perspective

Most of you followed for the last 2 days the saga of me defending my friend ( and I am still his friend, or at least he is MY friend) Pauk H Lemmen. I was called many things in that stint, and it caused my bestie Marezilla to be attacked as well.


Yes I'm an angry dude. The only reason I don't go by that name is because someone else blogs under that name. Don't like it? FUCK OFF. Beu-Bye now.

Now, IOTW has dissected my post and is calling on some of the things I wrote to be lies. Here's my rebuttal:

I said Barnhardt has done a few pieces on Paul over the last year. IOTW says it's not true. BARNHARDT HERSELF says she sent a mass email to bloggers ''warning'' (ie SMEARING) about Paul. Looking at her blog posts, this was no 3 lines email. She has a habit of DRAGGING ON AND ON:

  I even took the extraordinary step (for me) of sending out an email early in 2012 to the bloggers this con-man was playing and targeting, warning them that they were being lied to and manipulated by an incredibly dangerous sociopath.  Most did not heed my warning and fell for the latest iteration of this career con-man’s “game”.
  And further:
   Now to the reason why I saw fit to go ahead and write this all up at the behest of some terribly distraught bloggers.
She then accuses Lemmen of telling the world he was an Orthodox Bishop:

 On April 1, April 5 and April 16, 2012, Paul Lemmen stated on that he was an ordained Orthodox Bishop. Here are links to those three comments:
 Notice How Paul uses the words ILLICITLY and INVALIDLY ordained?? Is he saying to the world ''hey I am an ordained bishop'' or is he confessing the sin of having been ordained by fraud? I think the latter. Don't you??

Did you know Ann Barnhardt was a criminal profiler?  She sure thinks she is:

 Lemmen has clearly identified Christians as the “perfect targets” for his grandest and most audacious con yet.  As I laid out earlier, to prove to himself that he is the “slickest, most brilliant S.O.B. on the face of the earth,” he has decided to see if he can con the Body of Christ itself – or as close as he can get to it – using Christian doctrine as his primary weapon.  He has laid out all of his past history of fraud and deceit, effectively handicapping himself from the get-go merely as a personal challenge to make the “game” more difficult, and now is telling Christians that if they do not accept him, believe everything he says and embrace him fully that they are “bad Christians” who do not “forgive those who trespass against us.”  Lemmen thinks that if he can scam a bunch of Christians even after handicapping his own starting position, using their own doctrine against them, that he will be, in effect, conning God Himself.  Behold the sociopath’s Olympic Gold Medal.
  Lemmen appears to be setting up a very big and very audacious escalation.  Lemmen is spinning a yarn that people are photographing him and that he is being threatened in association with his writing about Brett Kimberlin and the SWATting terrorism story. 

Here she ACCUSES HIM OF CONSPIRING TO COMMIT FELONIES. Even I know that this is serious shit, especially when you are on parole. These CONJECTURES are putting Paul's liberty and maybe even his and his family's LIFE at stake:

  The fear that many people have is that Lemmen is going to claim or stage a SWATting event or some other dangerous escalation (perhaps arson), paint himself as a victim, perhaps then start begging for money, be exposed as a liar who SWATted himself or was otherwise responsible for whatever escalation event he has in mind, and then poison the well of public opinion and make impossible the gaining of any traction on the issue.  Beyond that, he will hand the leftist-terrorist movement a massive propaganda coup.  Look!  This crazy conservative wingnut SWATted himself!  They’re all a bunch of liars and con-artists!

Hmm. Now this shit is whacked. So, miss Barnhardt, is the all mighty visit counter so important that you put a fellow American, conservative, christian,  ex con, con whatever's life in danger? His Freedom?

They all denied the fact that Ali Akbar and Ann Barnahrdt knew each other, and refuted my theory that this article was mandated by NBC's ''elite'' bloggers, maybe LEE STRANAHAN, the guy who called Paul Lemmen to tell him to shut up about the whole Ali the con affair or hell, why not Ali himself.

Again I call BULLSHIT!
The Right Planet (Sard), I own the world (BigFurHat), Lee Stranahan,Ali Akbar, Ann Barnhardt etc etc ALL KNOW EACH OTHER (at least from the net). Lee Stranahan is Ali's biggest supporter.

Again I am saying that a little bunch of bloggers want the big piece of the action, and are bullying everyone who dares taking precious hits from their blogs by digging on this Akbar thing. The last time Paul was flogged in public, the SAME people came into action, and trolled Zilla, and a bunch of other people accusing them of being Paul Lemmen. All from the grand court and surroundings of The Right Planet's Sard. Same Sard who nearly lost all his users by accusing everyone to be Paul, in a stint of paranoia over ''almost loosing his blog''. Big ol 3$ a day on that blog? MAYBE?

If you read the comments on my post from yesterday, they, Aaron, Sard and Tonto all say that we CAN'T know Paul or each other because we haven't met him. So, show of hands, WHO HERE HAS MET ANYONE FACE TO FACE??  Aaron? Sard??  ANYONE?? You still said you KNOW Ann Barnhardt and trust her, right??  GUESS WHAT. You don't know SHIT. Just like us.

And these, boys and girls, are the ELITISTS I was talking about; God forbid Paul gets more hits than they do. more linking, more weight in this Kimberlin, Akbar, and all other issues concerning the right wing. Nooooooooooo...hell, maybe we're RAAAAAAAAAAcists who don't like some black dude at the head of anything.

So we are the ''LeMMings now?? A'ite. Then call me Mr LeMMing! Oh and BTW, still waiting on those apologies on spending an afternoon questionning my identity and Mare's, you morons!


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