In support of the small time bloggers, especially Paul H Lemmen. We will not be bullied! FUCK NBC and their elitist attitude!!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


  No we won't. This elitist attitude will stop. The NBC, Ali Akbar and the elitist fucks who form that miserable, sorry-ass organization engaged in a personal vendetta against ex con man Paul H Lemmen. Those of you who know me know that when I call someone a FRIEND, I stick with it FOR LIFE. Those of you who don't know me would be very proud to have me as a friend when the shit hits the fan.

''Why bother with the truth when my elitist friends back me up??''

Ann Barnhardt, one such elitist bastard, says she wrote the rag on Paul Lemmen at the request of friends. BULLSHIT. She wrote it to draw attention away from Ali Akbar, the president of the NBC where she is a full fledged member,  for fear the recent revelations on him would bring her drama-queen ass down with him. She pushes the envelope as far as to TELL Paul to withdraw from the fight on the Kimberlin goon squad, and the SWAT-ing incidents. Followed by her kiss-ass minions, she goes on to say that Paul is still conning people.

WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, Ann Barnhardt?? Who died and made you queen of the right-wing dextrosphere?? What gives you the right of life and death over smaller bloggers who engaged in this fight to expose the left wing terrorists?? You are the most self-centered, elitist piece of shit I have EVER encountered. Fuck you, Ann Barnhardt! You won't silence us! Nor will you silence the STRONG voices of MUCH BETTER bloggers than you are who sided with Paul.

Paul has been NOTHING but straight forward  with us about his past. That alone is worthy of participating in ANY cause. He NEVER asked us for money, donations, or anything else for that matter. He is fighting this fight neck deep in shit, jeopardizing his freedom to do so. And now this NBC elitist fucking club thinks they have a right to try and silence him for fear that he will ''hurt'' the movement by exposing the conning of Ali Akbar?? Fuck that shit. Seriously. Self-righteous jerk-offs. That's the best way to describe them. We may share political views, but they sure don't share our FREEDOM OF SPEECH policies. Freedom of speech applies to EVERYONE! Ex cons (Like me and Paul) are allowed to join ANY fucking fight we believe in. Cast us out if you will, you will NOT silence us. NO WAY, NO HOW. NOT NOW, NOT EVER.

She has done a few pieces on Paul over the last few years, all with the condescending tone of someone who thinks her shit don't stink, but this one as one goal, and one goal only: Draw attention away from the true debate: alleged embezzlement  of funds collected by NBC and Ali Akbar. That's the real issue right now. NBC is going to shit and it will drag her ''saint among saints'' ass with it.

And the shit flies that keep hovering around her, drinking her every word like it was truth, can kiss my hairy white ass. They ALL are part of the elitist culture behind the NBC. Breitbart would roll over in his grave if he saw what is being said about one of the fellow, smaller  fighters.

And all this shit about Paul's past, true OR false, has nothing to do with the debate; Paul is not in charge of ANYTHING other than his blog. Paul does NOT handle any monies collected to help victims of Kimberlin. So what does his past have to do with it?? Really. All he does is EXPOSE facts. And those facts are bugging the NBC big FUCKING time.

Ann Barnhardt is engaging in a smear campaign against Paul fomented by Ali's elitist pals. No question about it. It's as clear as daylight. When she says ''friends asked me to write it'', she is saying it loud and clear. And the elitist assholes who agree with her are no better.  This masquerade will end. Ali Akbar and the NBC must SHOW DETAILED INFORMATION about their collecting and use of ALL collected funds.


Linked at AMERICAN POWER . Thank you Mr Douglas!
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