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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who Killed Theresa Allore?

 Theresa Allore was a 19-year-old Canadian college student who disappeared on Friday, November 3, 1978 from Champlain College Lennoxville in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Five months later on April 13, 1979 her body was discovered in a small body of water approximately one kilometer from her dormitory residence in Compton, Quebec. Upon her disappearance police initially suggested she was a runaway. When her body was discovered police then suggested she was a possible victim of a drug overdose, perhaps at the assistance of fellow college students. In the summer of 2002, the family of Theresa Allore enlisted the support of an investigative reporter and friend, Patricia Pearson who produced a series of articles for Canada's National Post newspaper that gave compelling evidence that Theresa Allore was a victim of murder, and that her death was possibly linked to two other unsolved local cases; the death of 10-year-old Manon Dube in March 1978, and the murder of Louise Camirand in 1977. The theory was supported by geographic profiler and then FBI consultant, Kim Rossmo, who suggested a serial sexual predator may have been operating in the Quebec region in the late 1970s and advised police to investigate the three deaths as a series. Rossmo gained notoriety in 1998 when he suggested the creation of a serial killer task force to Vancouver police in the cases of missing women from the Vancouver's downtown Eastside. Robert Pickton was eventually arrested and found guilty of six murders, though some presume he is responsible for as many as 26 murders of Vancouver missing women.
The deaths of Theresa Allore, Manon Dube, and Louise Camirand remain unsolved cold-cases.


  The story of Theresa always intrigued me. I was born and raised in and around Sherbrooke where the youth went missing. The road where she was found is an eerie place at night, and I know it well.

 I hitchhiked quite a bit in the mid-80's in the Sherbrooke surroundings and found my fair share of creeps; I was a big boy in my teens, and I could defend myself (Had to a few times). But still, some guys made me nervous as hell. One in particular that kinda looked like a cerebral, geeky student with the short hair and thick glasses, but with a look that said ''I could kill you anytime''.

 I encountered him twice actually. The first time I thought he was very bizarre, but nothing happened. He dropped me off close to where I was going, and that was it. The second time, he started towards a road that I knew was VERY isolated, nowhere near where I was headed, Belvedere south, one of the roads that the FBI profiler puts in his ''triangle'' of operations of an alleged serial predator. I had to punch my way to the ignition, throw the keys out the window and run. I ran about 6 km before I found a house where I knocked on the door and got help. Police were called and they found the guy, but since he said I had attacked him, and I had a criminal record for violence, they let him go.

  My mother also told me a story that happened when I was just a baby. She was driving home with me late one night and noticed she was followed. The guy in the car tried to take her out of the road, even touching her car with his. She floored it towards home where my father was waiting and the guy kept on following. My dad heard her screeching to a stop in the driveway and went out to see what was happening. He saw the guy driving an old police cruiser, the ones you can buy at auctions, stopped right behind our car. He went to see what was up and the driver left in a squeal of rubber. This happened in 1972, a few short years before young girls started to turn up missing in the Sherbrooke area, in a suburb of Sherbrooke called Fleurimont, in the area where the St-Michel cemetery now stands (rue 24 juin). Police was called and they could not locate the driver nor the car, and after 3 or 4 days the story went dead. We never heard of or seen him again.

Here's an article from the National
post regarding the series of events in the Sherbrooke area:

Pattern points to serial rapist


In the fall of 1978, 19-year-old Theresa Allore disappeared from her Quebec college dorm room. She was discovered dead the next spring, a victim of what police believed was a drug overdose. In 2001, her brother John uncovered evidence she may have been murdered and convinced police to reopen the case. Four years later, however, the probe has stalled, while Mr. Allore's Web-based investigation is gaining momentum. This is the first in a three-part series.


 Theresa's brother, John, has been investigating his sister's disappearance and got help from Kim Rossmo, the whistle blower that told Vancouver police that something was amiss with all the low track prostitutes going missing. If they had listened, maybe, just maybe pig farmer Robert Pickton would have been caught earlier. His blog can be seen HERE.

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