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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

76 arrested in yet ANOTHER student protest in Montreal....

 Enough is enough!! Students in Montreal blocked streets again this morning, causing the heart of Montreal to be almost paralyzed. Vandalism, civil disobedience, masked people by the dozens, it HAS to stop.

  It seems every day now we are getting hit by one or more of these ILLEGAL protests. What's our government waiting for???  Jean Charest's LIBTARDS are on the pot, but are they gonna shit???

 We, the TAXPAYERS, are waiting for a show of force from our leaders: Special law, forced return to class or face STIFF penalties. But so far, they always play the same cassette: We will not negociate on the tuition hikes. Ok. Good. I'm all for a raise in tuition fees to help give better education. Fine. But when are Charest's minions gonna show some real teeth???

 Is this gonna be going on for ages??? Is this gonna go on until FRUSTRATED TAXPAYERS organize a mob?? Until one of those ungrateful students get REALLY hurt in an excess of rage by a trucker??  Are we gonna need to blast the water cannons and impose a curfew?? What's next....the ARMY descending on our streets to maintain the peace between citizens and students??? All this costs money...MY FUCKING MONEY!!!! YOUR FUCKING MONEY....EVERYONE'S MONEY!!!! We are feeding overtime pay to cops to maintain the streets open because of these poor poor students wanting to suck a little more out of the Province's already dry tit. Anti-gang, Intervention groups, SWAT teams, They cost money!!!

 WAKE UP JEAN CHAREST!!!!  Wake up before something happens to these fucking striking students....

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