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Saturday, April 7, 2012

entitlement addiction......

 Montreal police arrested 60 students that crashed the Queen Elizabeth hotel, famous for John and Yoko's bed-in. Police say they were called to the hotel after demonstrators started flipping tables and smashing dishes inside the building.

 Montreal police dispersed today's crowd at the hotel , but they say some demonstrators headed straight for the nearby Centre Eaton shopping mall. Police say officers pursued the protesters through the mall where display cases were knocked over and items were broken.

 Average annual tuition in Quebec is $2,500, compared with $6,600 in Ontario. Tuition in Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia averages more than twice the cost of Quebec. Even after the modest $325 yearly increases in over five years, Quebec universities would still be the biggest bargain in the country. Quebec students would be paying only 17% of the cost; the other 83% would come from taxpayers, who spend their time working rather than enraging EVERY other member of SOCIETY..

  When governments have to make program cuts or increase taxes, those who see government handouts as a right will take to the streets, as students did in Montreal, while those who truly need the fucking support will starve.

 Students are the 30-some-year-olds still living in their parent's basements. They think somehow we owe them. NEW FUCKING FLASH: We don't. Less cars, show tickets and fancy clothes, more fucking STUDYING!!

 One lone student dared to go against the grain, and he...didn't win.Guillaume Charette’s legal battle was a lonely one.With little time, pitted against the legal teams of student associations and his own university, and butting up against a wealth of jurisprudence, Mr. Charette lost his bid for a temporary injunction allowing free access to class.

 “Whether the students have the right to strike in its current form by blocking access to the university, the judge did not rule [on that],” he said. “Someone needs to set the legal record straight on the issue because what’s happening now is neither clear nor legal.” 

  Another student appeared to have more success in a separate case elsewhere in the province Friday, winning a legal bid to force a junior college in Saguenay to reopen classes next week and put a halt to picketing. Justice Jean Lemelin ordered an injunction in Quebec Superior Court ending the strike at a college in Alma.

 At various points, as many as 200,000 students from universities and junior colleges across the province have abandoned their classrooms. The cancellation of many classes has prompted the government to warn that students might have to repeat the semester, costing the TAXPAYER more money.

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