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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Luka Rocco Magnotta: The freak keeps on freaking people out.

 Body parts were found yesterday in 2 schools in the Vancouver area of Beautiful British Columbia. A hand. A foot. Both sent out via Canada post's snail mail service. Where will the head show up?

 This fucking freak also published 2 videos that seem to have been recorded while he had EVERY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY IN THE WORLD looking for him. 1 video where the same song as in the brutal killing video hosted by is played, and one where he salutes his ''FANS'' to the tune of  '' La Isla Bonita'' from Madonna. owner Mark Marek could be charged, local police says. Mr Marek defends his hosting the video saying it helped net viewers identify Magnotta DAYS before the police. I doubt that very much. It's not because the cops didn't PUBLISH the name that they didn't know it. This reminds me of the Rémy Couture case.

  What had been a fantasy world for Mr. Couture came crashing into reality in October 2009 when an undercover police officer posing as a potential client handcuffed him and placed him under arrest on suspicion of “corrupting morals.” Police say they acted on a tip that came through Interpol after someone in Germany became concerned that the films on Mr. Couture’s web site depicted actual violence. Police turned his apartment upside down -- they were likely intrigued by the full-size coffin that serves as living-room furniture -- but they found no evidence he had caused anyone physical harm. Instead the Crown will try to prove that his work, with its blend of sex and sadistic violence, is so disturbing that it could provoke anti-social behaviour among people who view it.

  Couture said his 10-minute films are no more grotesque than such mainstream horror films as Saw and Hostel. Titled Inner Depravity I and II, they feature Mr. Couture in the role of a serial killer who hacksaws off limbs and is understood to be performing sex acts on his victims. Police also appear to have been alarmed by the fact that one film contains photos of a brutally murdered child while the other features a child as an apprentice to the killer. Mr. Couture stressed that the child, portrayed in both cases by the 10-year-old son of one of his friends, is fully clothed and never present during scenes with sexual content. “He had a lot of fun making these photos,” Mr. Couture said. “He never saw nudity and didn’t see the final result. We’re not crazy.”

 Should owner Mark Marek be charged for KNOWINGLY hosting this real-life gore? I say YES. He gave attention whore Magnotta the kind of exposure that could encourage copycats to spring into action.

 Should Remy Couture be convicted for his FANTASY horror movies?? Absolutely not! He made it clear that it was FICTION, and shouldn't have been charged in the first place.


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