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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Montreal Police needs to UPHOLD THE LAW!

Those good people who have been following my blog know that I posted quite a bit on the Student strike dubbed the ''Printemps Érable'' (Maple Spring) in April and May, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, AND HERE.

Vandalism, civil disobedience and pillaging lead the Quebec Government to adopt ''law 12'', forcing protest organizers to give their itinerary for approval to the SPVM (Montreal city police). It ( law 12) also states that schools MUST provide schooling and organize sessions as usual.

This morning, stuck in traffic, I was listening to the french talk radio when Ian Lafreniere, spokesperson for the SPVM came on the air and said that as long as protests are peaceful, they will not declare them illegal.

Ian Lafreniere

Euh, pardon me if I'm wrong, but peaceful or not, it is not the cop's job to interpret the law. His job is to uphold it. The commanders HAVE to enforce EVERY law and give orders accordingly. 

Black Bloc members have been at the center of the pillaging, and they should be arrested at protests ON SIGHT. Why are the cops incapable of doing their job against 50 or so anarchists? I mean, come on....give me 10 well trained guys and one hour. I'm sure the SPVM, whom I respect as an organization, can weed out these vandals with the ultra-sophisticated cameras and Downtown surveillance equipment we paid so much for a few years back when they built their top of the line command center. 

They cannot let these little creeps break everything we, as taxpayers, pay so much for. You have a law, now use it damn it! 

Under the Canadian code, gangsterism is defined like so:

 1. Article 5 – Criminalization of participation in an organised criminal group.
Under article 5 of the Convention, States Parties are required to establish at least two criminal offences relating to the participation in an organised criminal group.12 The first offence could include either or both of the following:
• the agreement with one or more persons to commit a serious crime for a financial or other material benefit;
• the conduct of a person who, with knowledge of the aim and general criminal activity of an organised criminal group or its intention to commit the crime, takes an active part in the criminal activities of the organised criminal group or other activities of the group in the knowledge that his or her participation will contribute to the achievement of the criminal group’s aims.

I believe (I'm no lawyer) that this could be applied to Black Bloc members. They are CLEARLY organized, and act as part of a criminal group.

To this day, after ALL the incriminating evidence against them, that law has never been applied to Black Bloc members. Why? Did we only pass this law for Bikers and Italian Mafias??

There is a serious leadership problem at the SPVM. It needs to be settled and fast, before a citizen or a group of citizens take matter into their own hands.

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