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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The lefties took office in Quebec; 1 dead, one wounded--with pictures

 I was gonna blog about how I may apply for a green card since the Parti Quebecois, a notorious lefty party, won the provincial election last night. I guess it's gonna have to wait.

A crazed man, wielding a Kalashnikov-type assault rifle tried to force his way thru the artist entrance of the Metropolis theater, where freshly elected lefty Pauline Marois was giving her victory speech, throwing a smoke bomb and a Molotov cocktail. 2 sound and light techs were at the door at the time, who are said to have tried to keep the madman out, were shot. 1 dead, 1 in serious condition. The suspect's truck is being searched as I write this.


To my knowledge, this is the first time in Quebec that a politician is targeted by someone who actually acted. Sure there's always death or injury threats, but never someone came this close to shooting a politician here.

An undercover cop looks at the assault rifle
Shooter had a full clip on him
Pauline Marois, Quebec's newly elected prime minister, being dragged to safety by undercover cops in the middle of her speech
Suspect led away by Montreal Police

And of course, Pauline Marois is the first woman EVER to be elected as prime minister. This adds to the horror of the gesture. All politic views aside, this is truly an attack on woman everywhere.

Marc Lépine
Robert Pickton
William Fyfe
We had our share of woman killers here; from Marc Lépine who killed 14 woman in a technical school as part of his fight against feminism. William Fyfe, most likely the most prolific serial killer in Canada, killed as many as 25 woman. He was convicted of 5 murders, admitted to 4 more, but police say he killed many more. Robert Pickton, a British Columbia pig farmer, was convicted in the killings of 6 Vancouver prostitutes from the infamous low-track area. He is also charged in the death of 20 more.

Are we witnessing an age of anti-woman activists? Are we gonna let this situation degenerate to the point of mass murdering woman in the name of male dominance?

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